transformation - through love, laughter and connection.

Give yourself permission to step outside of everything in life that tells you it “should” be a certain way, and experience a sweet surrender into the flow of a world full of possibility and pleasure. - les leventhal 

Yoga with Les is like yoga with no other. Rich, raw and real. You are left amazed by his ability to reach your mind, body and soul. Les has found his unique flow which is deeply rooted in self-discovery; and invites you to find your own. Your are taken on a personal journey filled with surprise and delight, vulnerability and acceptance. You’ll be empowered to unearth answers for yourself through embodiment, intuition and self-study; and to have fun along the way.

Be prepared to move, and be moved.

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Friday, 06.03.2020, 18:15 - 20:00

No matter the challenges life is offering you, here’s an opportunity to let go and just flow.
It could be the music or it might be the freedom inside your soul. One thing is certain - it’s Rock n Roll Vinyasa.

A fun filled vinyasa class for all levels of practitioner to come and play and dance and sing, where you are in your body and in your practice.

Great rock n roll sing along tunes (maybe a good disco beat here and there) to lift the spirit, is often times a link and connection to the pure joy that is innately inside each of us.

DETOX FLOW - Hips and Twists workshop

Saturday, 07.03.2020, 12:30 - 15:00

Sequences of Hip Openers will liberate tension commonly held in this area, while twists will free your spine and promote detoxification through internal massage.

This Hips and Twists workshop is great for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to learn how to up-level in creative ways and also provide a safe foundation for their beginning students.

Opening the hips begins by cultivating awareness of the challenges we hold in our hips and pelvic region. While we work to release this tension, we can begin to relax and strengthen the quads, the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and also stretch the hamstrings. While unlocking this area of your body, we will also free the spine with twists which can infuse the body with vitality and well being, releasing enormous amounts of tension.

Twists are associated with toning and rejuvenating the abdominal and pelvic regions. When these regions are engaged, blood flow naturally increases and toxins are released - a natural internal massage. Relaxing and strengthening these areas releases lower back tension and frees limitation in the neck and shoulders.


Saturday, 07.03.2020, 16:00-18:30
This Arm Balance and Inversions workshops empowers you to have fun with your fear, often achieving what you may have previously thought not possible. We’ll cover the foundations of setting up an arm balance for newer students, while more advanced practitioners are encouraged to try and explore various up-levels.

This workshop is accessible for all levels and teachers who want to pay special attention to this area of practice.

Flying is like a great fire of courage - once that flame is ignited - it never goes out. Arm Balances and Inversions can be some of yoga’s most challenging yet fun poses to practice. Learn to safely defy gravity, starting with a single breath.

In this workshop you will strengthen your core to better support your arm balances. We will build upper body strength which will help support and build healthier wrists, elbows and shoulders. We will guide you to engage the legs, so they don’t take refuge in Savasana.
Begin cultivating awareness of your body in an upside down position and moving through space while surfing from one pose to another. Yoga should be satisfying and fun, not a chore full of fear. This workshop will launch you there.


Sunday, 08.03.2020, 11:00 - 14:00
Heart Openers and Backbends are some of yoga’s most exhilarating postures. In this workshop we will open the entire front body, with emphasis on the heart center.

This workshop is accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to pay special attention to this area of practice.

Flow through a sequence of postures that will bring your heart chakra back into balance and complete harmony. We will explore many different ways of working with and without props, along with physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of a backbend. Your heart will dance through the fine art of balancing and effortless surrender.

We will work on brining more awareness to pranayama and ujjayi breathin in this workshop, acknowleding the lungs as an integral part of this body region, as well as the role our breath-work plays in the practice.

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All these workshop are accessible for beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers, who want to pay special attention to this area of practice.

For Yoga teachers furthermore, this weekend provides the opportunity to learn how to up-level in creative ways and also provide a safe foundation for your beginning students.


Gobinde Yoga Studio, Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich


I (Sarah) did my 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali with no other than him, Les Leventhal!
These weeks were the most intense weeks of my life, in terms of “growth”. Five weeks of transformation - through love, laughter and connection. With Les I’ve learned what it really means to let go, to open my heart, to speak up, allow vulnerability and accept myself.

I never felt more connected to myself and others and I never felt stronger as after these 5 weeks in Bali. I’m sure, I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today, without his teachings. And that’s why I’m so happy and excited to host him here in Zürich for a weekend full of workshops, to give you the opportunity to join him!

Expect to sweat, laugh, have fun and yes - MOVE AND BE MOVED.


Friday, March 6th 18:15 - 20:00 Rock n Roll Vinyasa
Saturday, March 07th 12:30 - 15:00 Detox Flow
Saturday, March 07th, 16:00 - 18:30 Gravity & Grace
Sunday, March 08th, 11:00 - 14:00 Anahata Chakra Vinyasa (Backbends)


Friday Class only: CHF 45.-
Saturday workshops (2,5h): CHF 65.- / session.
Sunday workshop (3h): CHF 70.-
Entire weekend, all 4 sessions: CHF 210.-


Les Leventhal teaches in English.

What to bring

Bottle of water or tea and feel free to bring your personal mat (otherwise you can use one from the studio).
For Saturday I recommend you to bring snacks for the pause in between the classes.

More about Les Leventhal

Les owes his new life to yoga. It is because of this he gifts his yoga, and his life to others.
A life that journeyed Les from rock bottom to a world of endless possibility, he infuses fun, laughter, inspiration and transformation into all of his classes. His appreciation for all that is, radiates in all that he does.

Completing his teacher training in 2005 with the renowned Ana Forrest and assisting her with subsequent trainings, his studies are steeped in Forrest tradition. He has completed several trainings with Tias Little which he has acquired much of his alignment and technique cues, as well as a firm foundation in the 8 Fold path of Buddhism. Les’ flow yoga has now reached the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Ease Asia and soon to reach the UK and Europe. He has been featured twice in Yoga Journal magazine, interviewed by Darren Main, author of Yoga and The Path of The Urban Mystic, and by Joe Sarti of Voice America - Your Life Without Limits.

Les weaves in the 8 limbs of yoga, keeping the traditional styles a part of his classes while opening a window into our global cultural shift. He provides the opportunity to heal your heart, sweat, sing, laugh, cry and just let go. Many classes have music. You’re encouraged to modify throughout, doing what you need to take care of your practice and allowing the “rasa” (the sap or juice) to flow freely.

“Les’ courageous introspection, unabashed honesty and playful wit breathe new life into age-old yoga philosophy.” - Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac, MAOM, E-RYT. Founder of Yoga Medicine and renowned expert.

“Les teaches students how to practice asana gracefully, and how to reap the benefits. The deeper
message is in fact, a challenge to apply all of that svadhyaya (self-study) off the mat.” - Barbie Levassear.


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