Sunday, 13th of October 2019 from 09:00 - 17:30

The Yoga of Sensuality - Sacred self care for women.

A provocative one day retreat into sensuality as a vital aspect of self care. Based on the transformative Sanctuary Self Care Retreats created by Sheila Chacko & Alexandra Macdonald, this ‘’Urban Sanctuary’’  will give you an opportunity to explore and understand your sensuality as the basis and nexus of your health and wellbeing, as well as the source of your creativity and self-actualization.  

The transmission and practices employed during this workshop will be informed by yogic teachings and meditative awareness, embodiment practices, shadow work, inquiry and sharing, and education about the female body and the cultural context of being a woman in today’s world.

This unique immersion will be an informative and transformational journey into a rich and deeply empowering subject; that of embodied sensuality as being absolutely fundamental to the thriving of women in all areas of their lives.

Why you should attend?

  • You would like to take better care of yourself on all levels- physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • You would like to release blockages to your creativity

  • You feel that your energy levels are often low

  • You don’t prioritize time and space to care for yourself

  • You would like to cultivate inner radiance and vital energy

  • You would like to be more authentic in relationship to self and others

  • You don’t give yourself permission to feel and/or express your sensuality

  • You are curious about what sensuality has to do with self care

  • You love yoga and want to explore what yoga and meditation have to do with sensuality

  • You would like to develop a more healthy and informed relationship to your body and your menstrual cycle

  • Your intuition to join is sparked for no good rational reason!

What to bring
This one day retreat will include yoga asana and movement practices, journaling and inquiring, theoretical teachings, seated meditations, group sharings, and more…

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal, a pen, water bottle, personal yoga mat (if you prefer, mats are also available at the studio) and a shawl to cover yourself.

Who we are
Sheila and Alexandra are soul sisters, yoginis, and mamas who have dedicated their path to the practice and embodiment of Yoga-well beyond the execution of postures on a mat. Though the beauty and poise of asana is indeed a fundamental part of their path, for them Yoga must eventually filter into each and every aspect of one's life, from the way we take care of ourselves on a day to day basis, to the way we communicate with others and make important choices and decisions in life.

Their many years of practice and study of yoga and working with women have led Alexandra and Sheila into an evolved understanding of yoga for women: one that it is intimately intertwined with their incarnation into female bodies. The inclusion and honoring of femininity and female-ness into the contemporary yogic path is the work that they are forging for the modern day yogini.

For this Urban Sanctuary their shared intention is to create a sensual laboratory in which each woman present can experience her own creative and generative force whilst being held in a respectful, sacred space.

Gobinde Studio, Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich

09:00-12:30 & 14:00-17:30 Yoga Workshop with Sheila and Alexandra.

Cost & Payment:
CHF 160.- EALRY BIRD PRICE until September, 20th
CHF 190.- NORMAL RATE from September 21st

Please transfer the amount to the following bank account to keep your spot:
IBAN: CH82 0025 8258 2339 20M2 F
UBS AG, 8152 Glattbrugg
zu Gunsten von: Sarah Lisa Yous, 8048 Zürich
Note: One day retreat October

Or via Twint: 078 825 93 99 (please mention: One day retreat October 19)

Cancellation policy:
Please note this is a special event with external teachers. For this workshop NO REFUNDS possible if you cancel 14 days prior to the event. More about cancellations here.

Please register via sign-up button below and transfer the amount as mentioned above.
After received payment, your seat will be reserved.

See you, for this beautiful journey on Sunday, 13th of October.