Saturday, 19th of January 2019 from 09:30 - 12:30

Cultivating Radical Trust
A Yoga & Meditation Masterclass with Sheila Chacko

How much energy do you use every day thinking, scheming, worrying, wondering, strategizing, resisting, wanting, wishing, searching for answers, solutions, a way out of stress and suffering, a way in to peace and calm?

Imagine if all of that energy was freed up? How would your body, your mind, your heart, and your life look and feel differently? Can you even imagine?

This practice will be an exploration and an invocation of radical trust. On the eve of the first full moon of 2019 and a total lunar eclipse, we will tap into this powerful celestial portal and create a shared intention to begin living our lives more fully in trust.

The practices of yoga and meditation are fundamental to this process. We will explore how and why this is the case and then dive into a deep practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation intended to give your being a taste of what it could be to rest in the space beyond the conscious mind and it’s never ending stories. To rest in radical trust.

As we learn to stop struggling with life, stop striving to manipulate the outer circumstances or the inner experience, we can begin to take rest in a vast and infinite space of stillness and peace. It is from here that deep insights, intuition, and higher perception emerge to guide us in our lives.

What a sweet relief to just let go…and let Life guide us in full faith.

Life is short and so precious. The time is now.

This class is open to all levels.

When: Saturday January 19th, 2019, 09h30-12h30
Where: The Space, Josefstrasse 130, 8005 Zürich
Investment: 70 CHF
Teacher: Sheila Chacko (teaches in English)

About Sheila Chacko
Sheila Chacko is a yoga teacher and health coach who has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years. While she now lives in the Umbrian countryside of Italy, she was born in the USA and has mixed American and Indian origin. She has completed university and graduate studies in sociology, psychology, biological science, nutrition, and natural health. She has trained with teachers in various disciplines of yoga and spirituality around the world. Her style of teaching is based on her recognition of the innate genius of the human organism and focuses on learning to listen to the way our bodies, and ultimately our souls, speak to us through sensations and emotions. She teaches how to enter into dialogue with our bodies in a respectful way as the doorway into opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness. Her yoga classes encourage listening, softening , and receptivity while simultaneously activating inner power, self- responsibility, and sovereignty. The result: bliss and spaciousness in body and mind.

Sheila teaches group and private yoga classes and especially loves to guide people through deep transformation during retreats and immersions. She is a natural health advocate and offers online programs and in-person coaching guiding individuals and groups towards radiant health and empowered living.

More about Sheila:

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