Wednesday, 06.03.2019 from 19:30-21:00

In this class we will keep the focus on advanced backbends, also called heart-opening positions.

After the warm-up, which always contains pranayama (breahting technique), meditation and asana, we will move through a creative advanced yoga vinyasa flow, before exploring different "backbends" and transitions into backbends.

”Bring your spine back to its natural flexion”

We bend forward all day long, sitting at a desk, driving our car, using our phones, picking up stuff, even while eating we bend forward. This shortens our muscles in the front body, while our back muscles are constantly under tension. Through that, back pain occures and our energy is not able to flow freely through the upper body. Increasing the flexibility in your spine, increases the flexibility in your life! Our spines are meant to be flexible and have a complete range of motion forward and backward.

In this class you will;
- Increase flexibility in the spine
- Stretch the whole front body
- Improve breathing
- Opening mind and heart to new possibilities
- Gain bravery, strength and trust
- Work on new asanas and some fun variations and transitions

For who?
If you practice yoga for a while, like to challenge yourself and would like to deepen your backbends, then this class is exactly for you.
In order to move safely into different postures, some strength and body control is needed. That’s why I recommend to already have a regular yoga practice before moving into more advanced yoga postures.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Costs: CHF 35.- (or with F'lowMe Yoga Abo CHF 27.-)
Time: Wednesday 06th of March from 19:30-21:00
Location: Yoga am Fluss, Hardturmstrasse 68a, 8005 Zürich
Teacher: Sarah Lisa Yous (teaches in english and/or swiss german)
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Please note; in this class we will also work in groups of 2 or 3 people to support each other in more advanced postures.

Space is limited, save your mat here.