Wednesday, 03.04.2019 from 19:30-21:00

In this class we will focus on advanced hip opening poses.

The warmup part will be followed by a juicy and creative advanced yoga vinyasa flow, before playing with different advanced yoga asanas.

As we all know, hip mobility is important in order to move proparly and freely in our daily lives, but also on the mat. And there’s more benefits:

  1. With hip openers we stretch and strengthen muscles that are directly connected to our stress response. Means, by working into the hips we might also release a lot of known and unknown stress.

  2. Tight hips cause tension in the lower back by asking for too much effort from the spine. When hips are open, there is more range of movement, better circulation, and more support for the muscles of the back and the spine.

  3. Hip openers can help the joints of the lower back, hips and legs as well as the feet to come into better alignment.

  4. Energetically, the hips are associated with the second chakra (sacral chakra), also known as our centre of creativity. When we focus on this area in the body by working into the hips, we help to unlock our creativity and support it.

The flow and the different asanas (postures) will target each of the different directions of hip movement, with modifications for whatever level you’re starting at.

In this class you will;
- Increase flexibility in the hips (full range of motion)
- Flow through an advances Vinyasa Flow
- Playing with some peak positions
- Unlock your creativity and support it by balancing the second chakra
- Gain bravery, strength, trust and release stress

For who?
If you practice yoga for a while, like to challenge yourself and would like to deepen your asana practice, then this class is exactly for you. In order to move safely into advanced postures, some strength and body control is needed. That’s why I recommend to have a regular yoga practice before joining an advanced yoga class.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Costs: CHF 35.- or F'lowMe Yoga Abo
Time: Wednesday 03rd of April from 19:30-21:00
Location: Yoga am Fluss, Hardturmstrasse 68a, 8005 Zürich
Teacher: Sarah Lisa Yous (teaches in english and/or swiss german)
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Space is limited, save your mat here.