Wednesday, 08.05.2019 from 19:30-21:00

In this class we will keep the focus on the advanced asana Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance) as well as other arm balancing asanas.

The warmup part will be followed by a juicy and creative advanced yoga vinyasa flow, before playing with the arm balances. We might also include the posture into our flow sequence... let's see how far we can go.

Arm balances and especially forearm balance demands to control your body while being upside down, to find trust and to leave your comfort zone. That's why I love to practice them, they challenge me and through that help to trust my own body. To be upside down also requires you to be very present, in that very moment and to let go of the need to achieve something. Because by pushing too much, you won’t get up there.

It’s all about finding the balance, it’s like in life a dance between…
control and surrender,
pushing and letting go
and knowing when to choose which one of them.

The class includes:
- Power Vinyasa Flow (advanced sequence)
- Meditation and Pranayama (breathing technique)
- Forearm balance and other arm balances play (alone and with a partner)
- Cool down with longer stretches

For who?
If you practice yoga for a while, like to challenge yourself, to be upside down and would like to deepen your arm balance skills, then this class is exactly for you.
Please note, you don’t need to be able to do a forearm balance already, this could also be an opportunity for you to try it.
But in order to move safely into this posture, some strength and body control is needed. That’s why I call it “advanced” and recommend to already have a regular yoga practice before moving upside down.
If youalready hold your forearm balance without a wall and help, no worries, I also have some variations for you to move further from there… :)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Costs: CHF 35.- or F'lowMe Yoga Abo
Time: Wednesday 08th of May from 19:30-21:00
Location: Yoga am Fluss, Hardturmstrasse 68a, 8005 Zürich (no parking spaces, use Puls 5 parking)
Teacher: Sarah Lisa Yous (teaches in english and/or swiss german)
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Space is limited, save your mat here.