Self Care Retreat for women
May 03rd - May 08th 2019, Umbria, Italy
with Sheila & Alexandra

''True self-care is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.''
-Brianna Wiest

Day breaks over the Enchanted Valley. The gentle hum of your breath and the soft lilt of birdcall are the only sounds, and yet, something magical, something potent, is stirring.

This is your day. Your gift.
This is your Sanctuary.

Are you ready?

Immerse yourself in an intimate setting for 5 nights and 6 days of sacred self-care at Eremito, a modern day hermitage and luxurious eco hotel in the spiritual heart of Italy. This retreat is thoughtfully designed for the modern, busy woman who yearns to connect with her own innate feminine wisdom and intuitive knowing.

No woman needs another to do list.  The concept of Sanctuary is an exploration and invocation of what it means to truly love and care for Self — extending far beyond a set of practices. Our shared intention will be to plant these seeds and create a foundation from which self-care becomes a moment to moment practice — intuitive, adaptable, and as unique as you are — a way to live and breathe in harmony with nature and in reverence for this sacred life.

A typical day during Sanctuary

- Dawn & Dusk Body Temple Practices of deep yoga, movement, and meditation
- Wilderness Practices to connect with your true primal nature in the wild beauty of the surrounding forest
- Circles for ceremony, ritual, and sharing
- Nourishing, delicious, and beautiful plant based meals
- Eremito's signature Silent Dinner
- Ample time for rest, integration, and sleep
- Daily access to the jacuzzi and steam bath
- Being held in a community of supportive women

Intuitive Self Care

- How to create, conserve and preserve Ojas (meaning the 'fluid of life' in Sanskrit)
- How to cultivate and circulate Soma (meaning the 'elixir of life' in Sanskrit)
- How to navigate the portal of our heart (In Ayurveda, the seat of Ojas is in the heart)
- How to connect to and honor our womb wisdom
- How to cultivate and trust our intuition as the basis of true self care
- Creating space for sacred silence to observe and process
- Sustainable movement practices that nourish the blood, fluids and bones
- Restorative practices that recalibrate the nervous and endocrine systems

The Eremito is located in Umbria, Italy, approximately half way between Rome and Florence.  We are so pleased to be hosting this retreat at Eremito as it is the truly perfect place to support the inner journey we will take together. Please read all about it at

Timing & Arrival
Sanctuary begins on Friday May 3rd at 5 pm and ends on Wednesday May 8th at 11 am, although it is possible to remain for lunch if your travel plans allow, with final check out at 3 pm. 
Please plan to arrive between 3-4 pm on Friday May 3rd for check-in.  

- By car, Eremito is located approximately 30 minutes from the Fabro exit off the A1 highway.
- By train, the stop is Fabro-Ficulle.
- By air it is best to fly into Rome or Florence. From the airport you can reach Eremito easily by train to
Fabro-Ficulle or rental car.
- From the Fabro-Ficulle train station the Eremito offers transport to the hotel for € 30 each way.
- Private transfer is also available for a fee from the airport in Rome or Florence.

Your tuition includes full board for 5 nights and 6 days as well as the 3 practice sessions per day and many other surprises!
The Full Board includes:
A celluzze (a private or shared room) with private bathroom (shower/toilet)
- Vegetarian meals with organic products grown on site or locally
- Tea and herbal infusions during the day
- Free daily access to the Relax Area (Spa), Turkish bath and Jacuzzi
- Transfer in jeep (3km) from parking point if you arrive by car
- Service and 10% VAT
Travel costs are not included in your tuition. Best ist to fly to Rome or Florence. From there it is around 1:30h with the car or train.

Early Bird Rates until February 28th 2019:
Double Room € 1250
Single Room € 1400
Regular rates until April 14th 2019:
Double Room € 1400
Single Room € 1550 

**Registration closes on April 14th 2019**
Places are limited to ensure an intimate setting for deep work, claim your space now!

Who they are

Sheila and Alexandra are friends, soul sisters, yoginis and mamas who have dedicated their path to the practice and embodiment of Yoga, well beyond the execution of postures on a mat. Though the grace and beauty of embodied prayer through asana and movement is indeed a fundamental part of their path, for them Yoga must eventually filter into each and every aspect of one's life, from the way we take care of ourselves on a day to day basis, to the way we communicate with others and make important  choices and decisions in life.

For the Sanctuary Winter Immersion, their shared intention is to create a cauldron of transformation  in which each woman present can experience her own inner wisdom and soul-resonance whilst being held in sacred space.


Why I recommend this retreat
I call it a stroke of luck, that I found and signed up for a retreat with these two beautiful women.
Last year, in November 2018 I’ve joined Alexandra and Sheila in their Sanctuary in the Swiss mountains for a 4-days self-care retreat for women. It was not what I expected, in fact it was way better than that. Because it was exactly what I’ve needed!

Deep rest, spending time with myself, connecting with other women and nature.
Time to recharge, sleep and just be.
Time to do the things I usually hardly can find time for, for me that was reading a book.
Releasing stress, worries and anxiety.
Connecting with my innate feminine wisdom and intuitive knowing.

From the very first moment I felt held, connected, understood and kind of home away from home. I love how they both have their very unique and beautiful style and way to teach yoga. Teachers who teach from deep inside are the ones who inspire me the most. The ones who teach out of life experience not only from theory written in books.
When you get deeply touched by something or someone, you will remember it forever. Thanks again for that great experience Sheila & Alexandra!

I highly recommend Sanctuary to every women who wants to take time for herself and is ready to immerse into her own self-care.

Much love,

Interested in the retreat?
Drop your email address and I will connect you with Sheila and Alexandra :-)