Thursday, October 24th from 20:15-21:45

Build balance, move past fear, strengthen your body and have fun with arm balances like Crow Pose, Side Crow, One Leg Arm Balance, Forearm Balance and more…

Balancing poses help us connect with the present moment. When you add the challenge of balancing on your hands or arms instead of your feet you need to be even more present, you need to engage everything and you need to breathe.

Arm balances also help to increase feelings of self-confidence, trust, courage, and inner strength. And that’s why I love them so much.

In this class we approach our practice and our bodies in a playful way, with curiosity and fun. We will warm up with a creative and a little advanced Vinyasa Flow, wake up and strengthen the relevant parts of the body before we play with different armbalances.

For whom?
If you practice yoga for a while and would like to start practicing armbalances such as crow, side crow, one legged crow, fore arm balance an more, but are afraid or don’t know how to start, this class is perfect for you. If you already have an armbalance practice, feel free to join anyway to get more confident in them and get some tips on how moving on.

The number of mats is limited for this class, sign-up therefore necessary.
If you sign-up and can’t join the class, please let me know at least 24h in advance, so that someone else can take your mat.

Costs: CHF 30.- or F'lowMe Yoga Abo
Where: The Space, Josefstrasse 130, 8005 Zürich
Teacher: Sarah Lisa Yous
Language: English
Level: Intermediate (Beginners in armbalances)